How to Fix the Page is not indexed Issue: Blocked Due To Access Forbidden (403)

In the realm of SEO, encountering issues with Google Search Console can be perplexing. One common dilemma is the “Page is not indexed: Blocked due to access forbidden (403)” error. This blog aims to shed light on the origins of this issue, its implications, and most importantly, how to rectify it.

Understanding the Issue: Page is not indexed: Blocked due to access forbidden (403)

The error message “Page is not indexed: Blocked due to access forbidden (403)” indicates that Google’s bots are unable to access and index a specific page on your website. This HTTP 403 status code signifies that the server understands the request, but it refuses to authorize access.

Reasons Behind the Issue:

Robots.txt Exclusion:

  • Check your website’s robots.txt file. If it contains a directive that blocks Googlebot’s access to the page, it triggers the 403 error.

Solution: Modify the robots.txt file to allow access to the concerned page.

Server Permissions:

  • Insufficient server permissions may lead to forbidden access.

Solution: Ensure that the server permissions are appropriately configured to grant access to search engine bots.

Security Plugins or Firewalls:

  • Overzealous security plugins or firewalls might erroneously block Googlebot.

Solution: Review security configurations and whitelist Googlebot.

IP Blocking:

  • IP blocking on the server or through security measures can restrict access.

Solution: Verify and remove any IP blocking restrictions.

How to Fix the “Page is not indexed” Issue:

Update Robots.txt:

Adjust the robots.txt file to allow Googlebot access. Use the Google Search Console’s robots.txt testing tool for validation.

Check Server Permissions:

Ensure that the server permissions are correctly set to permit crawling. Consult with your hosting provider if necessary.

Review Security Measures:

  • If security plugins or firewalls are in place, configure them to recognize and permit Googlebot.
    Inspect IP Blocking:
  • Examine server settings for any IP blocking configurations. Remove any restrictions preventing Googlebot access.
    Use Fetch as Google:
  • Utilize the “Fetch as Google” feature in the Search Console to diagnose and request indexing for the affected page.


    Resolving the “Page is not indexed: Blocked due to access forbidden (403)” issue is vital for maintaining a healthy online presence. By understanding the root causes and implementing the suggested solutions, you can ensure that Googlebot seamlessly accesses and indexes your pages, contributing to improved search engine visibility.